Punk Your Pic

A little while back I joined the Q&A site Quora. While I spend the majority of my time thumbing through some truly interesting answers to a wide variety of questions, most of my answers are on Photoshop and other design related topics (though people seem to be asking a bunch of #GamerGate questions lately). This Photoshop tutorial was created to answer a question about how to make an image more ‘punk’. Instead of going with the cut and paste style I went with the old punk flyer look, adding a good chunk of my own interpretation along the way. If you’re new to Photoshop or like picking up little things from how others work like I do, check it out.

The tutorial covers: Adjustment Layers (Gradient Maps and Levels), Clipping Masks, Advanced Layer Blending (Blend If), Blending Modes, and it’s got some shortcut tips if you’re looking to speed up your work.


You might have noticed that this video and the last video aren’t exactly recent. Until I finish playing Lords of the Fallen and get started on the blog, I’ll probably be digging through old unfinished blogs (old as in created and abandoned in the last few months) and hitting you with some stuff I’ve already posted elsewhere. This will not be the norm. I still have a lot to learn about WordPress and since I’m determined to put things together on my own, it’ll take some time (I’m partially tempted to just purchase a pro template and call it a day; I still might). In the meantime I’ll post what I can when I can and do my very best to appear productive.


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