That’s a lot of squares, and what’s up with that logo?

A little bit about what this site is going to be

Since this is my first WordPress site and I’m more or less lost, chances are this site will change; a lot. What isn’t going to change is the focus of the site. For starters I’m going to be writing about Motion Graphic Design, Cinema 4D, Adobe programs, and anything and everything that falls into my particular design path. I’ll also be posting some of my own work and the occasional tutorial. Since my creativity tends to wander there will probably be a little photography and some random art projects as well. The second focus of this site is going to be on all things video games; or more specifically, all things within my video game path. I apologize, but if it’s completely off my radar, I just don’t care (unless you can convince me otherwise). Since I spend roughly equal time flexing my creative muscles as I do exercising my thumb muscles the focus will probably switch back and forth from time to time.

You’ll probably notice that things will tend to get posted late at night (technically morning) and that’s because my circadian rhythm always drifts towards the wee hours of the morning. I’ll do my best to put something up at the very least every week but if I start slipping poke me with a stick (or just comment; a comment will do).

A little bit about what this site isn’t going to be…

Politics, religion, or anything that has the potential to cause a ruckus. I might dip into politics here and there when it’s relevant to either design or video games, but I don’t want this to devolve into some personal politics site. I don’t really have any bedrock personal politics because I try to stay open to both sides of the aisle (and all points in between), but I have very little tolerance for the hyper-sensitive politically correct. I always try to avoid insulting people and I always steer the conversation as close as I can to respectful but I do have my limits. And that’s all I’ll ever say on the subject.


So, why PIXEL8? Well, I have no idea. I ran through about 9 or 10 different names and I just got sick of trying to come up with the name so I’m just going to go with it. Technically the address is so why the what the huh? Well, it’s like this. Footthumb has been my gamertag, screen name, and, well, it’s pretty much my digital personality. Everything at this point is footthumb so I kind of have to stick with it. What does it mean? Maybe I’ll fill you in at some point but for now I’ll just let it swirl around in the nether. I’ll be launching a business soon (er or later) and I’ll finally be able to use my real name, but until then, it is what it is. Call it footthumb, call it PIXEL8, call it what you want, but I didn’t want to get a PIXEL8 address because at the time I thought I’d just go with footthumb. Like I said the site will likely change a lot so who knows, it might be called footthumb at some point.  So, without further ado..


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