The Secrets of Lords of the Fallen: Heirloom Hammer



For those of you that have picked up CI Games’ new IP, Lords of the Fallen, you probably know by now that the game is filled with all sorts of hidden gems. You also probably know that some things are easier to find than others. While I am by no means a savant when it comes to tracking down and discovering each and every little secret, from time to time I luck out and stumble upon something that might prove difficult to find. So, strictly in the vein of helping a gamer out I present the first installment in ‘The Secrets of Lords of the Fallen’ (or, a secret anyway).


I’m not 100% sure but I seem to remember one of the recordings in the Catacombs speaking about how a certain enemy was frightened of this hammer. While I haven’t even fought the boss in the Catacombs yet I’m assuming he/she/it is the enemy this potential recording might have possibly been talking about; maybe (I’m a virtual repository of information aren’t I). Regardless of whether or not this is going to end up being a secret weapon making the boss battle a tiny bit less frustrating, the low Faith requirement makes it a great weapon for nearly any class.

You can find the Heirloom Hammer (HH) in the cell area right before the boss battle (it actually circles around the arena on the second floor). I’d love to tell you how to get to the area where it’s found but the Catacombs are seriously twisted. I think I’m finally starting to get my bearings but trying to talk you through the rights and lefts that will get you to this area would be next to impossible; so I’m going to do it. Forward, 2nd right, first right, after next right, 3rd cell on the right, and, the HH is in a secret room to your right. Got it? Enjoy.

(If for some reason you’re incapable of visualizing this extremely detailed set of instructions, just watch the video. It won’t help you get there at all, but if you do recognize the area from the video you’ll know where to go)

EDIT: This is only where you can find the Heirloom Hammer. When you first find it it won’t be all that powerful and you may be asking yourself, “So what?” Once you’ve picked it up from the secret room next to the cell, head back towards the beginning of the map. Once you get to what is the first circular room (with the two staircases going up to the second level), head down to the circular area and turn around and face in the direction that leads you to the cell area. You’ll have two exits on the bottom level. Take the doorway to the left (the one that requires you to carefully walk across a small board laid over a drop to your death). Take a left at the first room and head down the stairs. You’ll enter the long room that has 3 exits on one end (you just walked through the center one) and another exit all the way at the other end of the room. Coming down from those stairs heading into that long room make a left. Head down the stairs and around a couple of corners and you’ll come to a room on the left that has a sarcophagus in it. Head up to the sarcophagus and you’ll be prompted to hold down Y. Interacting with this will lay your Heirloom Hammer on the sarcophagus, destroying it and giving you back a much more powerful hammer (it might be the most powerful weapon you have at that point).


I should be finished with LotF in a few days but chances are the post won’t come until I’ve spent a couple of days designing, redesigning, re-redesigning, starting my Cleric build, playing some Minecraft, re-re-redesigning everything, and eventually getting around to writing it. So be on the look out for my full Lords of the Fallen blog sometime around Christmas 2037. It will totally be worth the wait.


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