The Secrets of Lords of the Fallen: BLIND Hammer & Prayer Trick



For the second installment of ‘The Secrets of Lords of the Fallen’ I actually have enough videos to justify that ‘s’ on the end of secrets. Granted there are only two but, two is more than one and one is more than none (which incidentally is how many I have until I figure out a way around my current impasse). I just discovered that my Elgato HD works on my Xbox One so I’m going to have to start yet another game and try to record some of the earlier secrets I missed when all I could do was say, “Xbox record that”. Technically I do have a couple more of them recorded but the long compression route from Xbox to YouTube leaves them looking like they’ve been rendered with a belt sander. It would be nice if Xbox would add an ‘export to YouTube’ feature but I’m guessing there’s some corporate reason why they didn’t add such an obvious tool to their system. Anyway…


In this installment I’ll be showing you where you can find the Blind Hammer as well as how to trick the pressure plate system.

BLIND Hammer

You can find the Blind Hammer by the backdoor into the Citadel. After you’ve defeated the Commander (2nd Boss) you continue up the stairs and bump into Captain Jerk and his vertically impaired buddy. He’ll remind you that you’re a horrible human being and then refuse to let you into the Citadel. This will make life much more difficult for you, but, he’s a jerk. Make a right and continue down the path keeping the Citadel to your left and you’ll eventually come to a Shard Checkpoint (after fighting a knight, 2 archers and one of those rogue guys). If you have XP, bank it. At this point in the game you really shouldn’t be fighting who you’re about to fight so unless you’re really confident about your fighting skills, bank that XP. Continue past the Shard Checkpoint keeping the Citadel to your left and you’re going to run into a gigantic knight, 3 of those infected guys (one or two of which you’ll have to kill twice), 1 archer, and then 2 more of those gigantic knights (see why I told you to bank that XP?). After you’ve died 3 or 4 times trying to clear these enemies out you’ll find yourself at a door that you can’t open because it’s sealed by magic (from the other side). Looking at the door the hidden room is to your left. Equip your shield and run at the wall holding your shield up (which incidentally is a good way to deal with those gigantic knights). Once you bust through the wall you’ll find a treasure chest and inside is the Blind Hammer.

Pressure Plate Prayer Trick

Like me you’ve probably found yourself frustrated with the small window of time you have after stepping on a pressure plate before the door you’re trying to get to closes (I can’t count the amount of times it was still a little open and just wouldn’t let me in). I’m fairly certain that they’re all set up so that it can be done without this little trick, but, with some careful placement of your character and the Prayer spell you can trick those pesky pressure plates into thinking you’re still standing on them. Since every magic class has Prayer this is a trick you can pull off no matter which spell class you chose. Just walk up to the pressure plate from behind (or back up onto it) and step on it just enough so that it activates. Select your Prayer spell and cast. You’re magical double will keep the pressure on the plate allowing you to take your sweet time getting to and inside the door well before it closes. When the spell expires the pressure plate timer assumes you just stepped off of it so you still have time even when the spell dissipates. This works on every pressure plate I’ve encountered thus far.


I’m considering posting some (or all) of the boss battles, but if you head to my YouTube page you can see the Beast boss battle that I posted yesterday (it must’ve taken 2 or 3 hours for it to upload so you better watch it). In the meantime I will be posting more videos of secrets or things of interest in Lords of the Fallen so check back from time to time for some more goodies. Enjoy.


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