The Lords of Lords of the Fallen: Beast



For my very first installment in ‘The Lords of Lords of the Fallen’ I would like to start with Lord #5; Beast. Why the fifth Lord for the first installment? Glad you asked. Well, it’s the only Lord battle I’ve recorded with my Elgato HD that comes in under that 10 minute cutoff for YouTube (I have a question about that but I’ll save it for later). I don’t know why it took me almost a year to try this thing out on my Xbox One, but now that I know it works I’m going to have to restart with yet another character and go back through those first 4 Lords. It won’t be my first rewind so I should be able to blaze through them fairly quickly. If they come in over 10 minutes though I’m going to have to drop them into Final Cut to get that time down to something more manageable. That and my Lord battles tend to be battles of attrition so I’ll need to speed up minute after minute of circling, and circling, and circling. That approach however doesn’t work with Beast so let me break down my strategy and provide some quick tips on a possible plan of attack.


My basic strategy – learned after many, many battles with Beast – is to keep things up close and personal. I know he’s enormous and your first instinct is to find your mommy but the best way to chip away at his health is to keep him within striking distance; sometimes. Like all of Lords of the Fallen’s (LotF) Lords, CI Games likes to discourage you from winning. Take Beast for instance. Absent any offensive magic sooner or later my Cleric is going to have to put a little steel to that nasty flesh. The problem is if you get too close he’s going to jump in the air and try to either stomp on you or use his stomp to summon spikes from the ground. Getting close becomes particularly difficult once he breaks into his 3 stomp routine and the circumference of spikes get larger with each stomp. The good news is with the right timing you can make it out of the danger zone with zero to minimum damage.

Beast has basically 6 attack patterns (although he’ll vary his stomps depending on where you are):

  1. Charge – If you get too far away Beast will crouch down and charge all the way across the arena (be prepared when the intro animation finishes because he’ll be in full charge when it stops)
  2. Club Swing (2x) – This is his general attack. He’ll telegraph this move by bringing his club up to his shoulder. He has a tremendous reach so you can either dash between his legs when you see this coming or time your rolls to avoid the hits (requires pretty precise timing).
  3. Overhead Club Smash – This is a very powerful overhead smash that will not only crush you if you’re directly under it, but you’ll also take damage if you’re in the line of the poison and rubble that shoots along the ground directly in front of where the club lands. He’ll telegraph this move by raising the club straight over his head with both hands. Once he brings the club all the way back he’ll jump in the air and smash the club on the ground directly in front of him. This is actually not all that hard to avoid, even though the reach is incredible (just roll in either direction right before the club hits the ground).
  4. Poison Breath – At some point in the battle Beast will crouch down and roar, shooting a breath full of poison directly in front of him. I don’t know if I was just lucky but this seemed to do little damage. He crouches down fairly quickly so just keep an eye on his hands and watch for parts of his body to start glowing green.
  5. Poison Booger Bombs – I don’t know what else to call this. He crouches down in the same way he does when he hits you with his poison breath but instead he shoots out three streams of poison that remain on the ground in a poison pool for a short time. He’ll generally do this if you’re a little too far away and he might follow this up with a charge. Just strafe away from the streams of poison and try to get him to move to another area of the arena to avoid accidentally getting yourself poisoned (which will also slow you down).
  6. Spike Stomp – If you get too close for Beast’s comfort he’ll lift up his right leg and stomp once, twice and then jump in the air and stomp down a third time. On each stomp spikes shoot out of the ground in a circular area around him. With each successive stomp that circular area of spikes gets wider and wider. He will change this stomp up from time to time. Sometimes he’ll do the full three, other times it’s two or even just one if you’re directly underneath him. For the most part though, once he hits the second stomp you can count on the third one (if you’re out of range take this time to use a potion or charge up some magic).

My personal plan of attack was to stay close enough to goad him into doing his Club Swing, but far enough to keep him from stomping. As soon as he pulls the club up to swing I’d run and roll directly between his legs. You have to be careful here not to run and jump because you’ll just bump into the front of him and that club swing will hit you. Once you get behind him you can charge up your heavy attack and get a good hit from behind because the second swing won’t hit you if you’re directly behind him (and I’ve yet to see him change direction for that second swing)). As soon as you hit him though you’ll need to start moving away because he’ll break into his stomp. If you get a little window of time charge up your Prayer. While it didn’t always work as planned he will occasionally fall for it giving you a wide open shot from behind.

Beneath Beast’s red health bar is a yellow bar that will slowly fill up with an orange color as you do damage. Once you fill that up he’ll stumble forward onto all fours (taking a big hit to his health) and sit there for a little bit giving you a good 8 – 9 second window to just hammer on him. I don’t know if I just got lucky but I went between his legs and swung my great sword and did massive damage (I might’ve hit his head but I’m not sure, it looked like I hit him in the goods). It seemed like he got right up after this damage, but I don’t know if maybe he was about to get up anyway. Regardless, when you’re getting towards the end of the fight just don’t forget about that secondary bar.

If you have offensive magic try using Stab or another offensive spell when he breaks into his 3 stomp routine. Also, I didn’t personally try it but I imagine adding the Gauntlet to your fight would enable you to defeat him a lot quicker than I did (try a Higher or Flawless Fire Rune on the Gauntlet’s Projectile to shoot a flaming ball that lights the enemy on fire). But, enough of all this talk, let’s go to the video.


I’m fairly close (maybe) to the end of the game, but for some reason I keep restarting the game with another character. The upside of this is that I should have those other Lord battles up fairly soon. The downside of course is that my actual review/blog/something might take a little longer than I expected. This happens sometimes with games I really enjoy. I like the experience so much that sometimes I don’t even finish the game I just keep restarting it and running through it over and over and over. I can say with 83.215% certainty that it will arrive eventually, but in the meantime check back in from time to time to see some of the other Lord battles.

(YouTube Question: Why can I only upload 10 minutes of footage? I’ve seen plenty of videos that run 30min, 45min, even over an hour, but I can’t upload more than 10 minutes. Is this because I’m recording in 1080 or is my Game Capture software just erring on the side of caution? What would be the best way to put up say a walkthrough or a video over 10 minutes? 720, or, SD?)

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