Gameplay Video Animations

If you read my Lords Blast post you may be asking yourself, “Self, why does this look familiar?” Well, that’s because the two videos below are both my intro and outro (still not a word) animations for my Gameplay Videos on YouTube. If you watched any of those videos you would’ve seen these animations already but, I happen to know that you didn’t. How do I know this? For starters, only 4 people subscribe to my YouTube channel and 1 of those is my mom; who still can’t figure out when or how she subscribed (the frequency of this conversation leads me to believe that she’s trying to figure out how to unsubscribe). Second, I just posted my Lords Blast post a little earlier tonight. Since my PIXEL8 blog doesn’t have many more followers than my YouTube channel the chances that anyone read through and watched all of the videos in that blog are slim to none. But the single largest reason I know that no one watched any of those videos is because I’m fairly certain that ‘No Views’ means that no one even accidentally stumbled upon them. This makes me sad. But more than sad it makes me wonder. Why doesn’t the entire internet want to watch a gameplay video narrated by a very boring gamer? We’re talking grade Q entertainment here folks. I guess some people know exactly what isn’t good for them. But let’s put aside my fragile little ego here and move on to my fragile little ego.

Instead of forcing people to watch me drone on while playing Lords of the Fallen I’ve decided to just post both my intro and outro (it will be a word) here because not everyone plays video games. I get it, some people would rather spend their free time having lives and that’s ok, to each their own. So instead of making you sift through all that nonsense just to check out a few seconds of animation in the beginning and end I’ll post the two animations below. At least on their own we can discuss any shortcomings or problems without also having to talk about how they fit into the larger framework of my gameplay videos. So let’s take a look at them.

Gameplay Video Intro


As you can see I used the controller image from my Some Further Ado blog for my intro and outro (it’s a word, let’s just call it a word). I’m not 100% happy with the animation itself because the whole Extrude thing just doesn’t do much other than add some movement to the controller’s face. It wasn’t until I rendered it, edited the audio in Audition, colored it in After Effects, attached it to a few videos in Final Cut Pro, and posted those videos that I started to think that maybe it was just animation for animation’s sake. Animating Extrudes is kind of my fall back move in Cinema 4D. It’s a fantastic example of some of the animation problems that can arise when you start working without a solid concept. Everyone has their own bag of tricks that they pull out when time is of the essence but this has become far to common a trick for me. Between animating an Extrude and attaching a Pose Morph tag to essentially do a similar move, I rely far too heavily on this type of movement. Maybe it’s just me though. Looking back I have an alternate idea that may or may not have worked but it would’ve required a lot of cross animation between Cinema 4D and After Effects. Maybe when I get done with my DragonAge and Far Cry stuff I’ll post an animatic and you can let me know which your prefer.

Gameplay Video Outro (Totally a word now)


There aren’t very many gamers out there that aren’t familiar with the infamous Konami Code. Some of us (myself included) actually used it when playing a brand new game called Contra. If you aren’t familiar with it (because you insist on doing things like, having a life, raising your children, paying your mortgage, etc.) it is essentially a code you punched in on your controller to get 30 lives. If you watch the outro you’ll see exactly what you had to do to get those 30 lives (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, select). Now that you’ve been properly educated the 30 logos may make a little more sense. On top of that the audio is the load screen song from Contra.

I’m fairly happy with the outro but I’m starting to feel a little guilty about using my stylized Xbox One controller. This code first popped up in the US on the NES. I feel bad using a Microsoft controller to input an OG Nintendo code. I feel so bad that I modeled the old NES controller and I’m thinking about re-animating that so that my stylized Xbox One controller pulls apart and the code gets entered on the original NES controller. What do you think? Keep it the way it is or pay homage where homage is due?


Let me know what you think about the animations. Any input is greatly appreciated. Without a solid critique I feel like I get a little lost in my own ideas. Good, bad, horrible, shoot yourself in the mouth; any input is fine.


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