Dragon Age Inquisition: There be Dragons



Dragon Age Inquisition (DAI) is a monstrosity of a game. As a newcomer to the series it’s taken me at least 8 hours to get truly comfortable with where I am, what in the world I’m supposed to be doing, and all of the character, weapon, armor, and world customization and management options. If that sounds like a mouthful, that’s because it is; and then some. If I had to describe my experience in the first hour of DAI it would go something like this:

Sweet.. Huh? I guess I’ll just go with a Mage then. Why does my character look like Ziggy Stardust? What just happened? Who are you? Why is everyone so mad at me? Chantry? Templar? What does this do? Nice. I guess I just spam the right trigger then? Whoa, overhead tactical camera, this is going to be awesome. Stupid tactical camera get out of there. Why doesn’t this thing move freely around the environment? Oh, so you’re not just spamming the right trigger; got it. That’s about all I can take of this damn tactical camera. I have no idea what’s going on here. This game is awesome. Wait; what? Are you kidding me!?! How in the world am I ever going to know what all this stuff is? So… I’m basically the Dragonborn then, right? This game is awesome. Huh?

You can pretty much take that and run it over and over again for the first 6-8 hours of the game. I understand that each entry in the series is different than the one before but veterans will have a huge leg up when it comes to understanding the world your character exists within. It’s hard to really settle into a game when you don’t know what’s going on in the world and what you’re doing or even why you’re doing it. Add to that a massive amount of depth to the previously mentioned character, weapon, armor, and world customization and management, and DAI can be an intimidating game to settle into. The good news is if you give yourself some time to absorb all that information you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful game jam packed with incredible experience after incredible experience. But I’ll save a full review of the game for another time. For now I just want to share a look at my first brush with the Dragon’s of Dragon Age Inquisition.

I spotted my first Dragon when I showed up on The Storm Coast looking for The Grey Wardens (or ‘a’ Grey Warden anyway). Initially you see him flying around in the stormy skies but he quickly disappears into the clouds. It wasn’t until some time later as I was combing the rocky cliffs for one of my Shards that I heard what sounded like thunder coming from the beach below. As I came to the edge of the cliff overlooking the shore a good 200 or 300 feet below I spotted a dragon and some giant creature locked in battle down on the beach. I’m still not all that competent in battle but there was no way I wasn’t going to check it out. The video below is a few minutes of my gameplay as I get closer to check out what’s going on.


Considering how massive DAI is, there’s a good chance that you’ll be seeing an awful lot of posts on the subject. As a complete noob I don’t have enough experience with the gameplay to know when I should be starting or stopping my recordings so I’m just recording 1 hour chunks and pulling the highlights. And there are an awful lot of highlights. One series I’ve got planned at this point is ‘The Astrariums of DAI’. These astrological puzzles can get fairly complex so when (or if) I stumble upon the solution I’ll post the videos for those of you that have reached your breaking point and just want to connect the &#!%*!? dots already. If there’s anything else you can think of or you want to drop some comments or suggestions below, type away.


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