Pixel Inspiration 12.19.14

This Week In Pixel Inspiration

So here we are, the 2nd week of Pixel Inspiration. I realize I’ve been a little light on the rest of the site but I’m having a little trouble with both recording video on my Mac for my Steam games, and finishing some sort of intro for my tutorial videos. While I try to figure out what screen capture software will actually capture my Steam games and when to say when with my Cinema 4D intro, I can take a little time out of my stressful schedule (may or may not be true) and throw you some more tasty visual treats. I realize it’s not exactly a grade A effort on my part but you’d be surprised how much time it takes me to click on pictures and embed video. But enough of the unpleasantries, let’s get to feeding those eyeballs.

(Once again, be mindful of copyright and ownership issues. This isn’t yours and it isn’t mine, but it’s definitely not yours. All links to their work and Behance or Vimeo pages are in the title and name below each piece)





Low Poly CharactersJona Dinges

Jona Dinges’ Low Poly Characters remind me a bit of my late father’s woodcarvings. Something about that poly look makes me want to break out his tools and give these guys a go. Unfortunately though his skills simply didn’t rub off me, try as I might. Luckily though I have Jona’s polygonal illustrations to sate my chunky poly-person desires. I know I’m not the only one that’s looking at these beautiful illustrations and thinking, “I want one,” so maybe someone out there with a 3D printer and some modeling skills can contact Jona (click on his name above) and work out a deal for some figures. Give Kid Robot a call; I could totally see these in the store.





Prison IslandsTobias Wustefeld

Weren’t we just talking about woodcarving? Weird. Tobias Wustefeld’s Prison Islands aren’t exactly woodcarving’s per se, but then who really cares right? They’re absolutely awesome. It’s actually digital art and illustration but they look so crisp and real that it makes me want to strike a match. A quick glance at his Behance page makes me think that he’s got a thing about building tiny structures, but then who doesn’t? Am I right? The only real problem I foresee at tiny wooden Alcatraz is the possibility for a massive prison break. How hard would it really be to just stick your fist through the little wooden bars and make a break for it? Aside for the occasional splinter and the shark infested waters tiny wooden Alcatraz isn’t exactly a high security prison.





TornadoAlex Diaconu

Alex Diaconu’s Tornado is like an ice cream flame; if flames burnt upside down and ice cream was made of paper or plastic. Actually, I had an ice cream sandwich that was hidden way back in the nether regions of my freezer the other day and I’m pretty sure it tasted exactly like this would. But that’s neither here nor there. I love the way he built this twister. Not only did he nail the look and feel with the twisted structure but the randomly connected strings make it feel chaotically constricted. I’ve never seen mother nature’s version, but she’s got nothing on Diaconu’s.



Stop Motion CardBas Manders

Tis’ the Season, or so they say. I know I’d love to wake up Christmas morning and find Bas Mander’s Stop Motion Card in my stocking. Of course in order to play it I would also need a shiny new iPhone6+ to go with it, so.. just saying. I’ll never get tired of stop motion; provided it’s something fun and creative. I think we can all agree that Manders hits all those notes perfectly. Stop by his Behance page and check out some of his other work as well if you’re in the mood for some holly jolly motion and design festivitousness (not a word).



Ren TV Free TimeN3 Design

N3 Design’s Free Time for Ren TV is straight up 3D-tastic. I don’t know what’s going on in Russia these days but there is a ton of 3D dopeness coming out of that country. Watching this animation I just want to jump on my skateboard and drop in. Of course I’m a little past my skateboarding prime so I’d probably fly straight off the side into digital infinity. This video initially sucked me into N3 Design’s Bechance page but I highly recommend you go check out all of their work because it’s a whole lot of awesome.



The UnitBastien Philippe

Oh my holy you have got to be smoking what in the world? I can’t stop loving Bastien Philippe’s The Unit. All that keeps coming to mind are the letters G-L-A-D-O-S. If you don’t know what those letters and this hugely rich robotic animation have in common I pity your paltry video game knowledge. Frankly you should be ashamed of yourself. While you hang your head in shame and contemplate all those years you wasted having a life, head on over to Philippe’s Behance page and check out the rest of his work. If it doesn’t blow your mind then you’re a lost cause.




UntitledRadan Cicen

So in the last installment I mentioned that over the course of these PIXEL Inspiration posts you’ll probably start to get a feel for just what kind of fine art I tend to drift towards. Radan Cicen’s Untitled is just that sort of art. Looking in his eyes I get a serious sense of sadness coupled with a strong desire to make sure I know where the exits are. I know we can’t see anything below the chin there but for some reason I get the feeling that this guy is wearing a straight jacket. Maybe it’s just me though. It’s generally just me. If you’re interested in more of Cicen’s work head on over to his Behance page.





3D Printed Art WorkJimmy Yuan

I really, desperately, pathetically want a 3D printer. Now that I actually know how to use a 3D application I know I could pull off all sorts of fun stuff with one of these bad boys. Probably not as good as some of Jimmy Yuan’s work, but still; I could make plastic pennies. I absolutely love this piece and the greatest part about it is I can purchase it. No scratch that. I am purchasing it as soon as this post goes up. I don’t know if there are a limited amount but I’ll let you have the link anyway. Head on over to his Behance page to check out some of his other work but please don’t buy up the last one. If you buy the last one I’m going to find you. I don’t know how but I will.

I know it comes as a bit of a shock that I actually posted another one of these fairly close to that week mark but I’m getting much better at keeping my digital life in order. I even have a bunch of social media apps up at all times while I’m working on my Mac. I know it may not sound like a big deal to all you people that live and breath social media but for me it’s kind of a big thing. Anyway, as usual if you have any questions or comments or you found something you think I should include in next week’s installment drop me something down below. See you next week-ish.


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