PIXEL Inspiration 1.1.15

2015. It seems like just yesterday it was 2014. Time flies when you’re searching the internet for incredible work by phenomenal digital artists. Speaking of which, I’ve got some new visual treats for the new year. It being the first day of the new year and all none of the following were actually created in 2015, but since you saw it in 2015, it’s from 2015 (but it’s not). I’m a little late on the whole ‘this week in’ thing, but all I got for Christmas this year was some kind of viral infection that left me with nearly a 103 degree fever and the feeling that someone had dropped a my body-sized anvil on me. Since Santa forgot to put the receipt in my stocking I was unable to return this illness for an illness of my choosing, but maybe next year I’ll get that Ebola that seems to be all the craze. But enough of my experience on the naughty list, let’s get to this installment of PIXEL Inspiration.



Beats Solo HD Teaser from Bolder Creative on Vimeo.

We all know who makes Beats headphones and if you’ve been to an Apple or Verizon store in the past few months you know the push behind these pricey eardrum busters. What you might not have been aware of is Bolder Creative’s vibrant 3D teaser. There’s so much funky fluctuating 3D it makes me want to dive right in and enjoy the audio vibrations. The campaign of course is a little old already but it bears some re-respecting. For some more of Bolder Creative’s work check out their Vimeo page (Bolder Creative)







Sport News / Sharjah Sports5dotfive

5dotfive’s pitch for Sharjah Sport’s Sport News is exactly the type of design that makes me pine for VRAY. I’m sure I could pull off some of the lighting with a little combination of Cinema 4D’s Global Illumination and a little extra jazz in After Effects, but this kind of rich atmosphere is what VRAY was made for. It’s too bad that that plug-in costs so much freaking money but then the results are undeniably worth it. One day I’ll suck it up and dive in, but in the meantime I’ll just stare at 5dotfive’s beautiful environments. For some more of their work head on over to their Behance page (5dotfive).



BT Music Playlist Idents from Bolder Creative on Vimeo.

I know you probably don’t remember me talking about Bolder Creative before, but I’m sure if you look around in one of my posts you’ll find a mention or two. In their BT Music Playlist Idents they’ve created a couple of quick animations for BT’s Music Playist service on BT’s TV Platform. Personally I’m a huge fan of that first one, but I think we can all agree that the second one is only about 2.375 millimeters of dopeness behind the first (may or may not be an accurate measurement of dopeness). At some point I’m going to have to give this kind of chaotic 3D construction a try, but in the time being I’ll just keep replaying Bolder Creative’s. Since I can’t seem to find my previous post mentioning Bolder Creative I’ll just drop another link to their Vimeo page; just in case (Bolder Creative).






The Outline of the MeaningAndrey Kobushenko

I don’t know about you but this is exactly how I feel when I get brain freeze. I’m not entirely sure that this is what Andrey Kobushenko’s The Outline of the Meaning is meant to represent (actually, it’s meant to visualize uncertainty that follows the artist), but it makes me want a Slushie super bad. Head on over to his Behance page to check out some of his other work (Andrey Kobushenko).



Personal projects | Showreel C4D from Yury Dovganyuk on Vimeo.

Yury Dovganyuk’s Personal Projects makes me feel like maybe I need to start putting a little more thought into my personal Cinema 4D time. Compared to his ‘experiments’ I’m basically a 3 year old sitting in the corner chewing on Crayola’s (which reminds me, I need some more crayons). I don’t know what’s going on in Russia, but I’m pretty sure that asteroid that hit not too long ago brought some intergalactic 3D skills to their country. I would love to pick some of those Russian 3D guru’s minds and find out what makes them so damn dope. In the meantime I’m going to keep an eye on Yury just in case he starts creating some strange alien symbols in his C4D projects (what? no one watches Agent’s of Shield?).












Everyday ProjectYanis ethikdesign

Yanis’ Everyday Project pieces are everything good PIXEL inspiration should be. Not only does his mind work in some truly wonderful ways but his execution is flawless. Again, sitting here in my wishing chair wishing I could find a way to create something even remotely as dope, I once again think of my need for some more crayons. That first piece has so much rich texture that it practically grates at the eyes. And I don’t know about you, but that last one is such an incredibly rich soup of glassy crystal awesome that I’m in need of a spoon. Yanis’ work on his Behance page (Yanis ethikdesign) is front to back incredible. There isn’t a single project that even remotely falls below the wonderful bar. Give it a look for some more inspiration.




I’ll be riding out a little Dragon Age Inquisition for the next few days but I have some more PIXEL Inspiration waiting in the wings. In the meantime if you’re in need of a little more digital eye candy drop back through some of my past posts for some truly inspiring work. As always if you have a question or comment or you found something that you feel absolutely demands to be inspiring, let me know down below.


1 Comment

  1. infinitelife3 says:

    Very nice! love the realistic feel of your textures, and the movement is very fluid. Keep up the good work!


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