PIXEL Inspiration 1.16.15

You may have noticed at this point – provided you’ve washed your eyeballs in the last couple of weeks (please do not try this) – that PIXEL Inspiration isn’t turning out to be a weekly installment. As with everything on PIXEL8 – posts, videos, and even the design of the site – things are likely to change from time to time, sometimes dramatically. After a few PIXEL Inspiration posts I’ve decided that the series is going to run every couple of weeks. My decision to run a bi-weekly series is based on two things. Firstly, while I can find plenty of phenomenal inspiration on a weekly basis I’d rather give the design and art communities two weeks to generate some new content. This gives me a much larger pool of awesome to chose from. Though some of the inspiration is months old, sooner or later I’m going to exhaust that pool and I’m going to have to rely entirely on newly generated content. In this case waiting a couple of weeks will give me a much better chance of finding some truly spectacular work. Second, I’ve got a lot of things going on at this point. Aside for my normal schedule and daily wandering in my programs and Xbox, I’ve decided I’m going to learn hand lettering, create my own font (if I can learn how to use the free FontForge), record a Skyrim ‘look back’, and record a Dark Souls II ‘look back’. That’s a whole lot of learning, gaming, and freestyle design. But, let’s cut the nonsense and get to this installment of PIXEL Inspiration.


Internet At Liberty from Christoffer Bjerre on Vimeo.

Elastic Creative’s infographics piece Internet At Liberty is a bit old at this point but then, so am I. Old people like old things: life before cell phones, quality Saturday morning cartoons, classic rock (I’m not actually that old), and Pong on the Atari 2600 (that is how old I am). For most of us that spent our childhoods and teenage years without the internet, the one thing we don’t really miss is life without it. In those early days it was all chat rooms, forums and raw information; a digital wild west of information and exploration. These days the internet is a vast, complex, worldwide web of anything and everything you could want. As Elastic Creative points out in Internet At Liberty, the world, or more specifically, the world’s governments are trying to find a way to manage or even control this enormous leviathan. As one of the designers of this beautiful infographics piece Christoffer Bjerre’s work is truly inspirational and in all ways informational. Give his Behance page a look for some of his other incredible work (Christoffer Bjerre).



Abstract Thing and Video TutorialPavel Zertsikel

I was originally going to post Pavel Zertsikel’s Alphabet of the Countries, but after browsing around his Behance page I stumbled onto what he calls Abstract Thing. Zertsikel’s bird-like creation is an absolutely stunning piece of digital art and it makes me wish that the vulture that has currently taken up residence in our backyard would have the decency to look like this (man those things are ugly… and kind of cool up close). If you’re wondering just how Zertsikel pulls off this rich, metallic look, he has done the rest of us in the ‘I wish I could do that’ world a solid and added a video tutorial showing the painting/coloring process (sped up to condense it into 5:21). If, like me, you have an insatiable appetite for information on how other artists work you can check it out on his Vimeo page here: Birdy Process. You should absolutely go check out his Behance page as well (Pavel Zertsikel). There are so many great examples of lettering and digital art that it makes me want to hang my head in shame. My pathetic attempts at hand lettering make his work of particular interest to me and I’m hoping I can get some tips from him to steer me towards a more comprehensive education in lettering.



Het Zilte Westen – Multiple Owners

When I originally started this paragraph I thought that publisher Hannibal’s book on West Flemish culture and history, Het Zilte Westen, was a German book. Goes to show how much I know about European languages. Apparently West Flanders is in Belgium, but regardless of it’s location Tim Bisschop and Stijn Vanderhaeghe’s editorial design is a beautiful example of typographic and creative smoothness. There was a point in my senior year at SVA that I actually contemplated going into magazine design and I even worked for a magazine for a few months. Ultimately I made the decision to go into Motion Graphic Design (after being offered a job at Star Magazine… no way I could see myself doing that job) but editorial design will always have a place in my design heart. I particularly love the way Bisschop and Vanderhaeghe did the pop up in the beginning of the book. There’s so much rich and beautiful design in that tree that I want to climb all over it. Check out both Tim Bisschop and Stijn Vanderhaeghe’s Behance pages for some more wonderful work (click on their names above).



Nike Basketball Apparel 2015 – Multiple Owners

Produced by Ars Thanea for Nike (obviously), this piece reminds me an awful lot of the letters G-L-A-D-O-S and the movie Oblivion. If you still haven’t figured out what those six letters mean (I mentioned them in my first PIXEL Inspiration post) I continue to pity your paltry video game knowledge. It’s one thing to not know who or what this beautifully robotic basketball reminds me of but it’s another thing entirely not to know how to google those six letters. The three artists responsible for what I’m assuming is a 3D rendering of what a basketball will look like in the year 2042 are: Peter Jaworowski (founder of Ars Thanea and creative director and digital artist on this project), Artur Szymczak (3D artist), and Mikolaj Piszczako (Concept artist). I love it when the artist and designers break down the way their 3D masterpieces were created because it gives me a sense of how far I need to take things and what exactly is possible with a basic, or complex but untextured, model. Check out everyone’s Behance page for some more inspirational work.


DNA structure from Alde on Vimeo.


At this point in the PIXEL Inspiration series you might be able to guess that I absolutely love the work coming out of Russia (or Russian Federation for you millennials). I don’t know if this all ties back to my love of Russian Constructivism in some weird unrelated way, but Russia’s long history of incredible design is alive and well. These days their mograph designers are absolutely knocking it out of the park. Take Alexander Zhilkin’s DNA for instance. Not only is this a wonderfully intricate and imaginative 3D animation (though I’d like to see a little more camera movement through that dope 3D DNA structure), but from color to composition this is everything good inspiration is made of. I’m also pretty sure that this is an exact representation of what Russia’s mograph designer’s DNA looks like. That’s my theory anyway. For more of Zhilkin’s work check out his Vimeo page (Alde) or his Behance page (Alexander Zhilkin).




ED AWARDS 2015 from Tony Zagoraios on Vimeo.


I found this wonderful opener for the 2015 ED Awards (that’s European Design in case you don’t know) under Tony Zagoraios’s name on Vimeo but there are multiple owners to this wonderful piece. Here comes the list:

  • Director/Art DirectorTony Zagoraios
  • Motion Designer – Tony Zagoraios
  • 3D Modeling/Lighting/Texturing – Stavros Karagiannis, Orestis Aleksiewicz, Angelos Roditakis
  • Character Rigging/Modelling – Angelos Roditakis
  • FX Artist – George Papaioanou
  • Compositor – Rousselos Aravantinos
  • Graphic Designer – Chris Golfis
  • Additional 2D Animation – Giorgos Eleftheroglou
  • Music Composer – Ted Regklis

Now that’s a list (I could only find links on Behance for Zagoraios and Papaioanou and a creative company called till noon). Of course with an animation like that a team that size isn’t actually all that large. In fact, it’s just about right. Large, small, or just one person I think we can agree that their animation for the ED Awards is a whole lot of awesome. Check out some of the links to find some other inspirational work.









Rio de Janeiro




New York City



Flowing City MapChaotic Atmospheres 


There are some things in the mograph, 3D, design, illustration, and art world that just stop me dead in my tracks and keep me absolutely captivated. Chaotic AtmospheresFlowing City Map illustrations are a case in point. I honestly don’t even know what to say. These things are so incredibly intricate and phenomenal that there’s no point in me trying to explain what it is that’s so damn dope about each and every one of these illustrations. Honestly, just look at these things. It’s impossible for me to even pick a favorite. Seriously… I’m just going to shut up and let you enjoy these. For more of Chaotic Atmospheres’ phenomenal work check out his Behance page (Chaotic Atmospheres).




There are so many talented people in this world and so much phenomenal work that sometimes it’s difficult to make a choice between one project or the next. As always if you see something out there that absolutely demands to be seen, hit me up down below and I’ll check it out. Also if you have any questions, comments, or you just want to type the letter F, go for it. Remember, this is going to be a bi-weekly(ish) series so check back in a couple of weeks for some more digital eye candy. Thanks for reading.


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