PIXEL Inspiration 5.12.15

PIXEL Inspiration 5.12.15

It’s been quite some time since the last PIXEL Inspiration and while I’m sure I could come up with some clever excuse as to why I haven’t posted anything since February the fact is I get distracted easily. Between recording/streaming/playing video games, 3D/2D mograph, digital art, design of all sorts, hand lettering, photography, and of course, blogging, it’s easy to get lost down one road or the other and forget that somewhere out there there was something I was meaning to do. In fact if it wasn’t for the email informing me that someone liked my last PIXEL Inspiration post who knows when I would’ve remembered to share some digital inspiration with my millions of followers (may or may not be a wildly delusional exaggeration). But, you don’t come here for all those nonsensical letters jammed together into word piles so let’s get to the inspiration.


One Bright Dot from Clément Morin on Vimeo.

The best part of doing these PIXEL Inspiration posts is the discovery. While I spend a lot of time on Motionographer and Behance I don’t always dig the way I do when I’m trying to track down something truly inspirational that I feel is worth sharing. It’s a shame too because who knows how many times I’ve missed something phenomenal like Clement Morin’s One Bright Dot. The still frame alone for Morin’s beautiful animation was enough to make me want to Appreciate/Like his work, but the mograph work is simply amazing. I haven’t the slightest idea how someone creates something like this in After Effects (if that’s how it was done) but I would love to pick Morin’s creative mind and find out how he did it (my guess is the word Particular might come up once or twice). For more of Morin’s incredible work head over to his website.



Luis Dilger, Manhattan


Luis DilgerManhattan


Luis Dilger, Saint Petersburg


Luis DilgerSaint Petersburg


Luis Dilger, Cinema 4D Examples


Luis Dilger, Paris

You learn fairly quickly in the working world that the sky is not the limit, the clock is. Of course, when it comes to your personal work both the sky and clock can go f*** themselves because there are no limits to the unfettered imagination. Luis Dilger’s aerial map masterpieces in his City Layouts series are proof positive of that very point. Can you imagine how much time it would take to literally, building by building, model an entire city? Now multiply that by 13. It must’ve taken forever just to do the layout illustrations, but modeling literally every single building is just flat out insanity. I understand that these aren’t intricately detailed buildings but just think about the amount of work it would take to do even a 3D spatial representation of every single building in not only Manhattan, but across the river in Queens and Brooklyn as well. And that’s just the one city. If you love these as much as I do you can actually purchase them here at Society 6. I haven’t figured out which ones I want yet, but chances are I’m going with at least 3. For more of Dilger’s awesome work check out his Behance page (name link above).


HUAWEI P8 Brand Film from MASTER on Vimeo.

I have a confession to make about Master Pictures Inc.’s Huawei P8 Brand Film. I had no idea what it was for. Now, I know what you’re thinking and the answer is, yes, I’m a total freaking idiot. In my defense I’ve never heard of Huawei and the P8 looks suspiciously like an iPhone (I’m sure lawsuits are in the works), so I thought maybe P8 was some kind of technology in the phone, not the phone itself (not much of a defense is it?). My ignorance aside I think we can all agree that under the creative direction of Dong Ho Lee this collaborative masterpiece is simply stunning (check out the credits here for the full team). Be sure to check out both Lee’s Behance page and Master Pictures Inc.’s site (click on either of their names above). You will no doubt recognize a lot of the things Lee has worked on and I have zero doubt that you’ll absolutely love the work that Master Pictures Inc. is doing.



Alexis Persani, 1


Alexis Persani, 8


Alexis Persani, 15


Alexis Persani, 38


Alexis Persani, 52


Alexis Persani, 96

Remember that talk we had about deadlines, dedication, and the imagination? Guess who else has an abnormal amount of dedication to their imagination? While I’ve only posted 6, Alexis Persani’s 100 Creative Numbers is quite literally 100 entirely different 3D type pieces (you never would’ve guessed from the title, would you?). I don’t know what’s more incredible, the fact that he spent all that time creating 100 3D type designs or that there isn’t a single one that falls below cool. Of the ones I’ve posted 38 is by far my favorite. My meager 6 images here don’t do the entire series justice so jump over to Behance and take a look at the whole thing (title link above). Also, check out Persani’s Behance page for some more of his type-tastic typographic work (name link above).



IFD Kapital from Yury Dovganyuk on Vimeo.

If you’ve read any of the past PIXEL Inspiration posts you know by now that I absolutely love the mograph work coming out of the Russian Federation. Frankly I’m a bit shocked myself that there’s only 1 piece in this post from a Russian. Of course, Yury Dovganyuk’s work for IFD Kapital is uniquely modern Moscow mograph so it does a great job representing all on it’s own. From the color palette to that smooth, rich, glossy world you can’t look at this piece without knowing exactly where it’s coming from (the language is a bit of a giveaway too). Check out Dovganyuk’s Behance page for some more truly incredible Moscow mograph (name link above).



Victor Maury, Pride


Victor MauryEnvy


Victor Maury, Wrath


Victor Maury, Sloth

The Four Deadly Sins are the cornerstone of the Christian church and they govern every facet of a good Christian’s daily prayer breakfast. If you read that and thought, “What an insightful and helpful description,” chances are you’re not all that familiar with the Christian/Catholic religion. Don’t sweat it, neither am I (that’s a complete lie). I am however very familiar with sin (100% true). It would seem that fellow Texan Victor Maury is as well. His beautifully disturbing images personifying each of the Seven Deadly Sins in his the Seven Brothers Sin series really nail the fundamental essence of every sin. Trust me on this one, I know sin (don’t trust me though). Check out Maury’s Behance page (name link above) for some more of his evocative work and especially his Seven Deadly Sins series which I’m guessing inspired the Brothers series.


Eclipse HUD Elements from Dyomin on Vimeo.

Ever find yourself fighting the deadline clock and losing? Need some animated HUD elements to spice up your project and give it that extra punch? Well look no further ladies and jellybeans, Dmitry Dyomin’s Eclipse HUD Elements is exactly what you need. All sales pitchiness aside, these things really are top notch. Dyomin’s done a great job with the animations and everything looks phenomenal. I know I’m sinking the $19 into this dope pack. Wait, did you say $19?!? That’s right Barbara, just $19 and you get 242 exquisitely designed high definition animated HUD elements. That’s an absolute steal Bill? You said it Barbara.

(Honestly though, if you’re interested jump over to VideoHive and pick up this incredible pack of dopeness for a single Jackson. Also, check out Dmitry’s Behance page for more of his great work and deals (name in above paragraph)).



Atelier Olschinsky, Mining Facility


Atelier OlschinskyMining Facility


Atelier OlschinskyMining Facility


Atelier OlschinskyMining Facility


Atelier OlschinskyMining Facility

Honestly, I have no idea what I’m looking at here but I don’t care; I love it. The quote at the beginning of Atelier Olschinsky’s Behance page for Mining Facility has a quote from some super sleazy guy that I’m assuming runs some kind of horrible mine in some massively exploited part of the world. It could however be from some fictional mine boss, I have no idea. I don’t know if the backstory would affect my relationship with the images, but as it stands all I see is awesome. From the color to the texture to the abstraction, just awesome. Great stuff Atelier. For some more work by Olschinsky head to Behance (name link above).


Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron UI Reel from Territory on Vimeo.

I generally don’t do theaters. While I’m a huge fan of the popcorn and Reese’s Pieces combo I’m not a huge fan of the strange herding instincts people develop when they get into theaters. It drives me nuts when I have to split up with whoever I’m at the movies with because the only seats left are those single seat gaps people leave between each other. I get it, why sit right next to someone when it’s just you and them in the theater. It would be really weird if no one was in the theater and some dude came and sat right next to me (not quite as weird if it was a beautiful woman), but once it starts filling up, come on people. But I digress. I was out Day 1 to see Age of Ultron. One of my favorite parts of the Marvel movies is the technology in their respective universes and of course the CG and design. I know as designers we probably pay a lot more attention than the general audience, but there’s no denying that the UI adds a lot to the look and feeling of the scenes. One of the many companies that contributed to the insane level of dopeness in Age of Ultron, Territory Studio’s UI Screen Graphics are sheer screen sweetness. When you’re done marveling (see what I did there?) at the awesome-saucicity of Territory Studio’s work head over to their website to check out more of their work (name link above).


IrinelP_1Irinel Papuc, 6.0mm! The first choice! 


Irinel Papuc6.0mm! The first choice! 


Irinel Papuc6.0mm! The first choice! 


Irinel Papuc6.0mm! The first choice! 


Irinel Papuc6.0mm! The first choice! 


Irinel Papuc6.0mm! The first choice! 

I am absolutely enamored with hand-lettering right now. So much so that I’ve been spending a decent amount of time trying to learn, at the very least, how to operate a calligraphy pen (I successfully loaded the ink yesterday… YAY!). I finally learned that just blindly trying to create letters is phenomenally stupid for a beginner and I’ve since been collecting any and all samples I can get my hands on. That search brings me into contact with the work of some truly great letterers. Irinel Papuc is one of them. As a small sample of some of his work 6.0mm! The first choice! is the kind of lettering that makes me wonder why I bother. I love the way he adds a bit of sketchy chaos into his work. For some more of his truly wonderful lettering head over to his Behance page (name link above).

I realize it’s a massive wall of stuff, but I’m not sure that my particular WordPress theme allows for page breaks. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to do it, but until I do we’ll all just have to learn to love the wall. As always if you find something out there that absolutely demands to be inspirational send me a link down below. Until next time, thanks for reading.


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