There aren’t very many gamers out there that aren’t familiar with the infamous Konami Code. Some of us (myself included) actually used it when playing a brand new game called Contra (circa 1802). If you aren’t familiar with it (because you insist on doing things like having a life, raising your children, paying your mortgage, etc.) it is essentially a code you punched in on your controller to get 30 lives. If you watch the outro you’ll see exactly what you had to do to get those 30 lives (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, select). Now that you’ve been properly educated the 30 logos may make a little more sense. On top of that the audio is the load screen song from Contra.

I’m fairly happy with the outro but I’m starting to feel a little guilty about using my stylized Xbox One controller. This code first popped up in the US on the NES. I feel bad using a Microsoft controller to input an OG Nintendo code. I feel so bad that I modeled the old NES controller and I’m thinking about re-animating it so that my stylized Xbox One controller pulls apart and the code gets entered on the original NES controller. What do you think? Keep it the way it is or pay homage where homage is due?


Let me know what you think about the animation. Any input is greatly appreciated. Without a solid critique I feel like I get a little lost in my own ideas. Good, bad, horrible, shoot yourself in the mouth; any input is fine.



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