As you can see I used the controller image from my Some Further Ado blog for my intro. I’m not 100% happy with the animation itself because the whole Extrude thing just doesn’t do much other than add some movement to the controller’s face. It wasn’t until I rendered it, edited the audio in Audition, colored it in After Effects, attached it to a few videos in Final Cut Pro, and posted those videos that I started to think that maybe it was just animation for animation’s sake. Animating Extrudes is kind of my fall back move in Cinema 4D. It’s a fantastic example of some of the animation problems that can arise when you start working without a solid concept. Everyone has their own bag of tricks that they pull out when time is of the essence but this has become far to common a trick for me. Between animating an Extrude and attaching a Pose Morph tag to essentially do a similar move, I rely far too heavily on this type of movement. Maybe it’s just me though. Looking back I have an alternate idea that may or may not have worked but it would’ve required a lot of cross animation between Cinema 4D and After Effects. Maybe when I get done with my DragonAge and Far Cry stuff I’ll post an animatic and you can let me know which your prefer.


Let me know what you think about the animation. Any input is greatly appreciated. Without a solid critique I feel like I get a little lost in my own ideas. Good, bad, horrible, shoot yourself in the mouth; any input is fine.



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