Fallout 4 Perk Chart Solos

Fallout 4 Perk Chart Solos

So, uh… HOLY CRAP did my traffic go through the damn roof with the posting of the masked Perk Chart PNG file (and dropping a link on Reddit). I’d like to thank everyone on Reddit for their input and encouragement. That thing took an awful lot of time but the end result was definitely worth it. […]

Fallout 4 Perk Chart PNG

Fallout 4 Perk Chart PNG

With the release of the long awaited Fallout 4 right around the corner I’m once again in the middle of creating some desktops and images around one of my favorite series. Before making some desktops available for download I’m sharing my fully masked version of their new Perk Chart. Grab it and enjoy.

Some Further Ado…

Some Further Ado…

•••• You may have noticed that my tone assumes people are actually reading this stuff. You may have also noticed that I’m assuming anyone is reading about my tonal assumptions that people are actually reading this stuff (I’m tempted to do this for the entire post, but, maybe some other time). Thing is, I’m used to writing for my […]

The Lords of Lords of the Fallen: Beast

•••• For my very first installment in ‘The Lords of Lords of the Fallen’ I would like to start with Lord #5; Beast. Why the fifth Lord for the first installment? Glad you asked. Well, it’s the only Lord battle I’ve recorded with my Elgato HD that comes in under that 10 minute cutoff for YouTube […]

The Secrets of Lords of the Fallen: BLIND Hammer & Prayer Trick

•••• For the second installment of ‘The Secrets of Lords of the Fallen’ I actually have enough videos to justify that ‘s’ on the end of secrets. Granted there are only two but, two is more than one and one is more than none (which incidentally is how many I have until I figure out a way […]

The Secrets of Lords of the Fallen: Heirloom Hammer

  For those of you that have picked up CI Games’ new IP, Lords of the Fallen, you probably know by now that the game is filled with all sorts of hidden gems. You also probably know that some things are easier to find than others. While I am by no means a savant when […]

Gameinformer Blog Links

  I’ve already written a bunch of blogs on my Gameinformer account, so instead of copying, pasting, and laying out all of that content again I’m just going to hit you with a ton of links. I could just post one link to my profile page and let you shuffle through them, but I need […]



A little bit about what this site is going to be… Since this is my first WordPress site and I’m more or less lost, chances are this site will change; a lot. What isn’t going to change is the focus of the site. For starters I’m going to be writing about Motion Graphic Design, Cinema 4D, Adobe […]


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