Dragon Age Inquisition: There be Dragons

•••• Dragon Age Inquisition (DAI) is a monstrosity of a game. As a newcomer to the series it’s taken me at least 8 hours to get truly comfortable with where I am, what in the world I’m supposed to be doing, and all of the character, weapon, armor, and world customization and management options. If […]

Lords Blast

By the time this gets posted I’ll likely be minutes away from heading out the door to pick up both DragonAge: Inquisition and Far Cry 4 at Gamestop’s midnight release. I’m not entirely sure why I still go to these midnight releases because it’s far less of a hassle to just stop by the next […]

The Lords of Lords of the Fallen: Beast

•••• For my very first installment in ‘The Lords of Lords of the Fallen’ I would like to start with Lord #5; Beast. Why the fifth Lord for the first installment? Glad you asked. Well, it’s the only Lord battle I’ve recorded with my Elgato HD that comes in under that 10 minute cutoff for YouTube […]

The Secrets of Lords of the Fallen: BLIND Hammer & Prayer Trick

•••• For the second installment of ‘The Secrets of Lords of the Fallen’ I actually have enough videos to justify that ‘s’ on the end of secrets. Granted there are only two but, two is more than one and one is more than none (which incidentally is how many I have until I figure out a way […]

The Secrets of Lords of the Fallen: Heirloom Hammer

  For those of you that have picked up CI Games’ new IP, Lords of the Fallen, you probably know by now that the game is filled with all sorts of hidden gems. You also probably know that some things are easier to find than others. While I am by no means a savant when […]


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